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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sony Tablet P - dual toouch screens, hundreds of options

          Sony Tablet P is an interesting proposition for consumers bored with the classics in the world of mobile devices. Is he interested in demanding users, or only a vain ambition to satisfy snobs?

                  Among the emerging almost daily news in the mobile industry, there is little structure as the original, as Sony Tablet P. This dual screens device is a bridge between conventional tablets and smartphones with laptop's breezy. The new tablet is managed by Google's Android 3.2, so that people who had been in contact with any android's smartphone, will feel at home.

Two-Headed Swan
             The new Tablet P stands out from the competition an oval lump which resembles case for glasses. It conceals two screens with diagonals of 5.5 inches and operating at a resolution of 1024 by 480 pixels each. You have the flexibility in the use of displays, although not all applications can be run under dual screens. Gadget comfortable in the hand, and with a specific design, will fit even the smallest travel bag without weighing in virtually all of our luggage.


              Sony Tablet P has dimensions of 158 to 80 to 14 mm and weighs just 372 grams, so that with a pure heart, you can call it a hardware truly ultra-mobile. The original "Japanese" is well executed, although his body was dominated by a scratch-prone plastic. Multiple users can turn a blind eye to this shortcoming, especially since the time of the sale are to receive the removable panels. The new Tablet P outside the gray enclosure, you will also get a white and black.
Two better than one
          The most controversial, but the most interesting element of the new Tablet P is a double screen. Both panels have the same properties, but apparently the bottom seems a bit darker. But this is only an illusion resulting from the possible set of panels in different plane. There is nothing in the way for Sony to use the gadget as a mini-notebook, keeping the screens aligned at right angles.

         The same matrix properties are satisfactory. Color reproduction is correct, like the contrast and color saturation image. Viewing angles are not overthrow the knee, though in such devices is just the norm. Irritates the thick frame that separates the two displays - it distorts the picture unnatural. Watching the movie in dual screens with distinct break in the middle for many can be an unpleasant experience. Deciding to this brave new tablet design, Japanese designers should better resolve this issue.

Tegra and Android - briskly in a duet
       The newest Sony is powered by the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor clocked at 1 GHz supported by 1 GB of memory. The equipment also has a built-in 2 GB of disk space, but thanks to a microSD card slot for, this area will be able to expand to 32 GB. In the set there were also popular communication interfaces - Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and, often found in business solutions, SIM card slot.

                                                                  The new tablet is certified to the PlayStation, which makes it easily on the run game with first-generation Sony console, including "Crash Bandicoot" and PSN games - such as "Pinball Heroes." It is worth mentioning that the number of titles can be installed quite easily increase, attracting new games from the PS Store (but the choice is very limited). Supports games on dual screens gadget comes true associations with the Nintendo DS, with the difference that the new tablet P is not the goal. These games operate correctly, and navigation is intuitive virtual controllers. Do not change the fact that the more graphically demanding titles, Sony opened the tablet does not make it.

Two heads are better than one

            Sony Tablet P is one of the most unique position in the global market. But this is not the equipment for each, for a bizarre pattern of the device and its high price page can effectively deter potential customers. All those who wish to use your tablet as a universal platform umbrella office with multimedia applications, should be interested in this "two-headed" Proposed Sony.
+ Interesting style;
+ Well-optimized system;
+ 3G module as standard.
The Bad:
- High price;
- Plastic housing;
- Poor sound quality;
- Uncomfortable dual screens mode.

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