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Monday, February 13, 2012

HP Slate 2 - window without views

            HP Slate 2 was touted as the first truly business with Windows 7 tablet on the market. How much truth in this statement, and how much marketing froth? Answer the following test.

                Since consumers have swallowed hook iPad, each manufacturer of the IT industry wanted to have in your portfolio at least one tablet. Unfortunately, not all have the same approach to mobile devices with touch screens. Their resistance stems from the fact that, apart from Android and IOS-I missing the market suitable working environment for this type of gadgets. New hope in the hearts of users poured Microsoft, whose Windows 8 will be also suitable for use gestures. But before that happens, some manufacturers argue strongly that Windows 7 is also suitable for tablets. The fact that it clearly shows the humbug HP Slate 2.
The richly
     The new HP tablet has been touted as the device is ideal for companies and institutions that can not imagine functioning without Windows. Popular "windows" have made such a sensation that, for many businesses even support Android smartphone is a problem. Especially since the Google OS will not find many advanced applications of Microsoft known. It is in this market gap measured from the Palo Alto giant with Slate second Unfortunately, the shot was a miss.

            What we certainly can not deny the new HP digitizer is an elegant design and rich equipment. The manufacturer has done everything in his power to compensate for the presence of felernego Windows 7, which simply is not suitable to the world of tablets. Slate 2 platform is based on Oak Trail, with a heart in the form of an Intel Atom Z670 processor clocked at 1.5 GHz. This unit is integrated with the Intel GMA 600 graphics, which can handle mixed luck with 1080p video decoding and processing of Adobe Flash Player. The new tablet also has 2 GB of RAM, built-in SSD with a capacity of 32 or 64 GB, and pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium / Professional. For a version of the latter system, however, pay a bit more.
              HP Slate 2 Housing is made of durable plastic, and all the elements very well matched. The equipment weighs 0.69 kg and its dimensions are 234 to 150 to 15 mm, so it should not occupy much space in a travel bag.

             Technical Specifications of the supplements USB 2.0, audio jack, built-in microphone and power connector / dock. Tablet also has two webcams (3 megapixel and VGA), SD card slot, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and optional 3G. As if this were not enough, the device comes with a special protective cover, Docking Station, HP Slate Pen Digital Pen to operate the screen, and even cloth mikrofibryli. HP designers asked themselves a lot of trouble to ensure a businessman everything he needs for everyday work away from the office.
Windows 7? No thank you.
Slate 2 has a touch screen 8.9 inches, which works with a native resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels. Color reproduction, contrast and viewing angles are acceptable - comparable with the current generation of netbooks. Much worse is the sensitivity of the panel. Support for display with your fingers is extremely vague, and using the included stylus to the tablet controls uncomfortable. The great fault in this poorly optimized system that supports most desktop applications, but definitely not prepared to handle the touch. Windows often with a simple task can be lost, and even hang. An attempt to subjugate the system using the digital indicator on little seems to have Windows 7 and it does not cater as naturally as the verbal Android. Far better to wait for the eighth installment of the popular "windows", or to direct his gaze toward the competition.

              It seems also that the Oak Trail system can not cope with playing video in HD. Starting up a few minutes the movie on YouTube will decrease liquidity and temporary "cage". Passed not so basic test, we can not think of a more advanced tasks. Plus the manufacturer should be built with TPM 1.2 (Trusted Platform Module), software and Computrace Pro HP ProtectTools suite. By storing important data on Slate 2, we can be sure that they do not reach the wrong hands.
How unfulfilled dream
      HP Slate 2 is a new tablet good technically, but which lacked adequate supervisory system interaction of hardware. Windows 7 works well on desktops, but the tablets are not. In addition, it requires a lot of free space, which automatically limits the space available for private data. The new tablet away from the power supply in favorable circumstances, the strength of approximately 7 hours, though I doubt that anyone has been able so long to use it continuously. Nail in the coffin HP Slate 2 is the prohibitive price of the device (start at $699 ), which will push even people willing to turn a blind eye to these weaknesses in the system.

+ Solid construction;
+ An array of facilities;
+ Exemplary protection of stored data.
The Bad:
- Poorly optimized Windows 7;
- High price;

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