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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The new iPad 2012 - Apple's new tablet

                         During the conference at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco was presented a new iPad. The machine is more powerful than its predecessor, but differs from it in appearance. The new iPad will go on sale soon.

                              Tim Cook, who promptly arrived on the scene did not immediately provide a new iPad. Apple promoted the event in front of them skimpy slogan: "We have something you really have to see. And touch." In fact, on screen the new iPad can look for hours ...
The hero of the evening

                            The new iPad is really a clone bestselling "2", to which was added a sensational display Retina Display. This is the largest, though by no means the only difference compared to predecessor and the element on which the Cupertino giant wants to build further successes tablet ..

                            IPad screen works with a native resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels (display up 3.1 million pixels). According to the manufacturer, the new display will be offering a 44 per cent. better color saturation. The very first look at him confirms that a class by itself.
                           To put it colloquially, the new iPad is virtually unchanged from the body compared to its predecessor, but endowed with a new soul. Contrary to widespread fears, the case still has a well-known from other gadgets the Home button. The equipment was enriched with quad-core A5X. This unit is for performance to be similar to that which has the Nvidia Tegra  3 platform. 

                            Lived to see significant improvement at the end of the iSight camera in the new iPad - they have image stabilization and can record video in 1080p. Optics is virtually identical to what the latest version of the iPhone 4S.

                                The new Apple tablet will also find an application that recognizes spoken words. Supported languages ​​are English (British, Australian and American), German, French and Japanese. The first impression is Siri, although according to the first opinion of the foreign media is not quite the same.
                                iPad next generation has of course support for 4G LTE (data transfer speeds of up to 73 Mbps). In the U.S., the gadget will be available from two operators AT & T and Verizon.
                               The new iPad will still offer superb battery life (up to 10 hours). Unfortunately, the gadget features require additional weight gain and thickness of the tablet (9.4 mm). Fortunately, the starting price remained unchanged - for WiFi 16 GB version will have to pay 499 U.S. dollars. Other models of WiFi will be available at prices of $ 599. (32 GB) and $ 699 (64 GB). For copies of the module, 4G will have to pay a bit more - 629 dollars. (16 GB), 729 dollars. (32 GB) or $ 829 (64 GB).
iPad center of the universe
                              Conference in San Francisco, however, began the presentation by Tim Cook vision of the world in the post-PC era. "PC devices are no longer the center of the digital world. IPad completely defined a new category of gadgets" - we heard from the current Apple CEO paragraph.
                            The Cupertino giant has  362 Apple stores around the world, which in the past quarter have visited more than 100 million customers. What's more, Apple is not going to land on their laurels and regularly open new stores.
                           The basis for the proper functioning of the gadget  Apple logo is a workable operating system - the total sales were up 315 million devices with IOS (in the fourth quarter of 2011 were 62 million). In view of the extremely popular iOS, Tim Cook announced the release of IOS version 5.1, which now can be downloaded from Apple's servers.
                          With the launch of the new iPad could not miss the refreshed version of the popular applications such as SketchBook, GarageBand, iMovie, iWork, iPhoto and the new games, among which the scene is dominated by Ace Combat, and Infinity Blade: Dungeons. It is worth noting that the latest Apple tablet display higher resolution than the PS3 or Xbox360.

New version of Apple TV
                                  At the conference, Apple could also run out of new services. When the scene appeared Eddy Cue, was presented refresh of Apple TV. The device has received a completely new interface and support for 1080p resolution. That's not all, because the latest version of Apple TV will fully support icloud, and new episodes of American TV series in the integration with iTunes will appear on Apple the day after the official release.
                                The company is managed by Tim Cook took a liking to the recent updates to components without significant interference with the appearance of the equipment. Apple TV is only a new interior, the housing unit was not changed. Sales start service on 16 March at an unchanged price of 99 dollars.

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