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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dell XPS 12 - a new hybrid tablet / laptop with Windows 8

                      Manufacturers of laptops already are preparing to debut a new Windows, or at least does Dell. When you see the "eights," the company intends to launch two tablets with the system, including a hybrid, being outside of the touch screen keyboard.

                           The second new tablet prepared by the manufacturer - XPS 12 - know much less. It will be a hybrid device that uses flow diagram Duo netbook launched eighteen months ago. The screen rotates it in a frame attached to the keyboard.
                        The new  hybrid tablet will have a Full HD display with a diagonal measurement of 12.5 inches, but because of the large frame sizes can have the whole 13-inch notebook. Housing is made of aluminum and carbon fiber, and the whole surface covered with a plastic tablet Gorilla Glass. It's purpose is to have up to 20 mm thick and weighs 1.4 kg.
                        The components used, nothing is known, the available reference materials mentioned only by the presence of Intel Smart Connect and Intel Rapid Start. If the XPS 12 is actually sold as a hybrid tablet, found in him an Atom processor, because this is Intel's nomenclature. But it seems likely that the hardware from the shelves (looking at the materials and finish) gets a more powerful processor, low voltage Core model of the generation "Ivy Bridge".
                        It seems that people who appreciate style and quality of the equipment Dell will have plenty to choose from in the segment of the tablet. Unless of course acquiesce to the loss of a sufficiently high amount. Although the price of the new tablets are not yet known, scalding the equipment specifications and bearing in mind that the tablet with Windows 8 will cost from 600 to 800 dollars, you can expect a fairly high prices.
                       The new tablet is expected to be available before the end of 2012, the first around November, the other perhaps a little later.

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